Arabesque Afloat


My collection “Enfleurage” takes its name from the 19th century process of creating perfume by pressing flower petals in between two glass plates coated with odorless oil to create an exquisite fragrance. I like the idea that this process can act as a metaphor for my own process of layering many separate images to form a new visual experience. My process begins with photographing various subjects, from reflections in water and textures of stone architectures to the female form, nude and floating like a growing human in the womb. I then print grids of my imagery on transparency paper, so I may then cut each image and engage in the experimental and intuitive process of physically layering multiple images on my light table. This is the alchemy of my photography.

Archival Pigmented Inkjet Print on Canson Photographique Paper

12 x 18 in, Signed Limited Edition 1 of 9

20 x 30 in, Signed Limited Edition 1 of 9

30 x 45 in, Signed Limited Edition 1 of 3